Private investors & families

Private Investors

Financial planning services

Birch Century's independent financial advisory provides private investors and their families with a customized range of investment management and wealth planning solutions.

Our specialists work in partnership with clients as together we work on building, preserving and transferring wealth to align with investor specific preferences and their day-to-day lifestyle needs.

Custom financial solutions

We understand that each client has different needs and their investment expectations are unique. In order to deliver an best-in-class investment experience we take the time to listen to each client as we gain an in depth perspective of how their finances are positioned in the present and where they expect to them to be in the future.

  • Investment Management

    Investment management services that seek to preserve and grow the wealth of investors whose needs and preferences are unique to their circumstances and lifestyle choices. We adhere to a sustainable investment philosophy based on absolute returns in consideration of tolerance towards risk.

    Our investment capabilities encompass what we believe to contain the key elements to successfully managing investments as part of a globally diversified portfolio.

    From traditional asset classes, to alternative investment strategies, our specialists draw upon a global perspective to tailor portfolios around client specific objectives.

  • Discretionary and advisory solutions

    We provide discretionary portfolio management for client who prefer to delegate the management of their investors to a dedicated team of financial professionals. Under consideration of a unique client investment profile, portfolios are managed to align with underlying strategies in pursuit of realizing a series of predetermined goals.

    For those wishing to take a more active approach to the management of their investments, our advisory services deliver contemporary research and recommendations to match the investment preferences of sophisticated investors. Our advice remains impartial and is targeted to deliver the most favorable outcomes as markets evolve through the economic cycle.

  • Wealth Planning

    Our wealth planning services are developed to provide investors with a vision of the future as we create strategies that guide them towards realizing a lifestyle of choice.

    Planning through the various stages of life ensures that day-to-day requirements are met whilst life events are comfortably provided for.

  • Tax efficient investment

    Incorporating tax efficiencies as part of the wealth plan presents investors with a number of benefits as they create and preserve the value of wealth over the long-term.

    Our in-house solutions seek to optimize income whilst making early preparations for inheritance distributions.

  • Estate Preparation

    Preparing the wishes of an estate is often the most satisfying component of the wealth management solution. Early preparation of estate distribution wishes can have a profound implication on inheritance tax.

    Birch Century's tax specialists are sable to advise on the benefits and solutions throughout a number of key jurisdictions. We work with clients and their families to ensure that their wealth succession wishes are central to the creation of a telling legacy.

  • Trust incorporation

    Trust incorporation is an effective vehicle for the protection of both business and personal assets. Trusts come in many different forms and are highly flexible to accommodate a wide range of management needs.

    Birch Century's Trust incorporation services are proficient in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and New York. Our global network of tax and legal advisers ensures that the dynamic needs of our client base are provided for.

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Become a Birch Century Client

Capitalize on our expertise

Becoming a Birch Century client is as easy as it is rewarding. From the outset we focus on the needs and aspirations of our clients as we seek to determine a number of investment objectives in consideration of client specific circumstances and their appetite for risk.

We believe that the better we know you, the better we are placed to deliver a best-in-class investment experience that serves to exceed performance related and service standard expectations.

What to expect

As an independently managed firm, we understand that the success of our firm is highly dependent on the success of our clients. We continue to place emphasis on the improvement of our services as our professionals go above and beyond to ensure that Birch Century maintains it's status as a leading provider of choice.

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