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Institutional level investment

Birch Century provides a range of asset management services to meet the dynamic financial need of institutional investors, independent financial intermediaries and third party distributors.

We work in partnership with financial advisers and corporate investment committees as together we develop targeted solutions in anticipation of realizing objectives.

Independent, impartial investment services

Our independent status means that we are able to deliver flexible asset management solutions in alignment of client specific demands. Our focus is fixed on the delivery on successful outcomes for our clients, their organizations and their stakeholders.

Our size and focus combined with our ability to create innovate solutions helps us to react and respond to market events.

  • Smart beta

    At the institutional level, our Smart Beta approach seeks to deliver more efficient exposure than widely accessible benchmarks.

    We understand that institutions are faced with increasing difficulties as they seek to overcome the financial challenges present under the current economic climate.

  • Custom benchmarks

    Traditional benchmarks are presently inflated by a series of biases created out of economic events that force investors to take on more risk for lower levels of return.

    Our Smart Beta benchmarks are customized to meet the specific needs of today's highly efficient corporations. We inject common sense fundamentals around corporate wide objectives to deliver favorable outcome in reaction to market bias.

  • High conviction

    In a corporate world where financial decisions can have a profound effect on organizational wide performance, high conviction management is employed to ensure optimized effectiveness.

    Our high conviction approach is characterized by a research philosophy that addresses a range of investment styles in consideration of strategic objectives.

  • Adjusted for risk

    Understanding how markets behave under a range of conditions helps us to identify attractive opportunities through a diligent assessment of the critical factors that influence acceptable returns in consideration of risk assumed.

    Our deep understanding of sectors and regions is an integral part of our approach to managing risk. We seek to capitalize on both long-term and emerging opportunities, whilst defending against the threat of unfavorable conditions.

  • Absolute return

    Sustaining performance irrespective of market conditions is a critical component to maintaining financial planning direction. As markets become more turbulent with increased levels of volatility, unforeseen events have the potential to significantly effect expected results. Birch Century's absolute return strategies are designed to deliver positive returns throughout the market cycle. Assets are selected with uncorrelated attributes to encourage the benefits of diversification.

  • Custom benchmarks

    Maintaining a flexible, proactive management style, portfolios with an absolute return bias benefit from the following;

    Mitigating the impact of market volatility;
    Capitalize on emerging opportunities whilst defending against negative effects;
    Tailored liquidity requirements around investor specific preferences.