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Family Office

Financial solutions for family offices

We manage assets and provide custom financial management services for a global clientele of facility office structures.

Through our premium platform of investments, we deliver investment management in line with the underlying principles of the family office to address equity, fixed income, alternative and multi-asset requirements.

Custom solution for unique requirements

Since the financial requirements of each facility differ greatly from one to the next, we develop custom solutions to help families organize their affairs at the most appropriate level.

Some family office structures are more complex than others and therefore demand a more active management style. Likewise, structures with less intensive management requires may be managed with a more basic administrative approach.

The purpose of each family office however remains the same; and that is to serve the financial wellbeing of family members across multiple generations to accommodate both family collective requirements and individual specific strategies.

Birch Century Family Office
Who We Serve

For private clients and institutions

  • Private Investors

    Our private clients are individual, retail investors whom seek to the dedicated attention to the efficient management of their wealth accomplished only through the bespoke client-centric model that has become the hallmark of our firm.

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  • Institutions

    At the institutional level, our client base is comprised of financial intermediaries, independent wealth managers, insurance companies, nonprofit foundations and corporate financial committees.

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