Low correlation to traditional asset classes

Alternative Investments

  • Bespoke investment solutions for private investors

    Bespoke solutions for private investors

    Our private clients are individual, retail investors whom seek to the dedicated attention to the efficient management of their wealth accomplished only through the bespoke client-centric model that has become the hallmark of our firm.
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Diversifying portfolio performance

Investing in alternatives enhances the ability to diversify the performance of an optimized portfolio. As markets change under volatile conditions, investor preferences evolve in anticipation of value preservation and wealth accumulation.

The frequency of such change under the current economic climate calls for flexible investment strategies to maintain the attributes of liquidity.

Contemporary portfolio theory

Gone are the days where investing for the long-term was as simple as suggested under Modern Portfolio Theory. In an age where market uncertainties prevail, a contemporary portfolio management approach seeks proactive measures as investors seek to capitalize on emerging opportunities whilst defend against unforeseen threats.

Alternative investing acts as a compliment to the existing makeup of a balanced portfolio more typically comprised of traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.

Diversifying a portfolio with a focus on limiting correlation between the performance of assets classes has become the best way for investors to address increasing market volatility in pursuit of long-term objectives and the optimization of the risk/reward conundrum.

  • Secondaey Alternative Investments

    Secondary Markets

    Secondary markets are the only way for private investors to liquidate their private equity holdings.

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  • Alternative Investment Funds

    Alternative Funds

    Alternative investment funds present investors with exposure to a range of alternative investment assets, diversified across a number of sectors & geographies.

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Our Investment Process
  • Product

    We strive to create tailored products around client needs in pursuit of consistent, highly competitive performance. Investments are made on informed decisions in consideration of individual client preferences.

  • Philosophy

    Our advantage is our independence. Portfolio managers are not restricted to a catalog of products. We empower our professionals to generate ideas in the very best interests of their clients under an absolute returns philosophy.

  • Process

    Alpha generation is our collective effort combining the opinions and analysis of portfolio managers, fundamental and systematic research analysts, and our trading execution professionals.

  • Performance Expectations

    Each client is presented with a risk/return profile specific to their needs and objectives. Absolute return benchmarks are created for each client to measure performance during the course of a predetermined period.

  • People

    Exceptionally talented professionals drive the success of our firm and that of our clients. Our people are selected on their merits as financial professionals and their match with our underlying, client-centric ethos.

Become Our Client
Become a Birch Century Client

Capitalize on our expertise

Becoming a Birch Century client is as easy as it is rewarding. From the outset we focus on the needs and aspirations of our clients as we seek to determine a number of investment objectives in consideration of client specific circumstances and their appetite for risk.

We believe that the better we know you, the better we are placed to deliver a best-in-class investment experience that serves to exceed performance related and service standard expectations.

What to expect

As an independently managed firm, we understand that the success of our firm is highly dependent on the success of our clients. We continue to place emphasis on the improvement of our services as our professionals go above and beyond to ensure that Birch Century maintains it's status as a leading provider of choice.

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